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[hr] B2B website:

Algam.net, where dealers can

  • watch our real time stock situation
  • find our best deals
  • track and trace their shipments
  • follow their amount spent @ AB

[hr] B2C websites per brand:

Where people can

  • see if the specific product (of the brand) is in stock @ the nearest dealer
  • buy @ the dealer on his website.

You can watch demos of the products on these websites featuring artists etc…

[hr] Network website:

Musicshops.eu. When you are looking for a restaurant, you have a website, when you are looking for a doctor, you have a website… until today there was nothing for musical instruments.
When you are looking for a music shop in your neighborhood today, you’ll have the answer immediately.
This website is also meant to bring music schools, music teachers, concerts, bands etc. together… everything that has to do with music will find it’s way here.

[hr] Furniture:

We always think with our dealer. We have an in-house carpentry, building displays, counters, etc… If the dealer wants to change or ameliorate his store, we have the solution.

[hr] Training:

Offering product trainings for the staff of the store, is one of our specialties. Our reps know the features and benefits of our products and are delighted to share it with interested people.


Algam Benelux 2017 / Ankerrui 20 - 2000 Antwerpen / +32 33 34 47 50 / Ma - do 9h00 – 18h00 , vrij 16h00 / BTW BE0448750011